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Anna Nunn

Where is Cowboy Roy's Hat?

Where is Cowboy Roy's Hat?

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Join Cowboy Roy on an adventure to find his much loved hat! Set in outback South Australia, the search for Roy's hat takes him all over the station as he has conversations with the workers and animals in an attempt to solve the lost hat mystery. A bright and captivating book filled with learning opportunities as animal sounds fill the pages.


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About the Author

Anna Nunn

Anna Nunn lives at Wooltoona Station near Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia with her husband, Justin and their children, Roy and Ada. The decision to write her first children's book was born from an idea for her very own Cowboy Roy's second birthday. Combined with the station feeling the severe effects of drought and Anna having far less staff to cook for, Anna pursued her idea more seriously. The journey to self-publish has provided Anna with the opportunity to keep herself busy and mentally stimulated while creating a lasting keepsake for her little cowboy.

The next instalment in the Cowboy Roy Adventure series wasn’t without its hiccups either with Anna diagnosed with a very rare cancer which saw her have an operation 2 weeks after the birth of her daughter. There’s no doubt Anna is full of grit and determination as well as creativity.

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