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I’m Amy, and Wattle & Twine is the exciting reality born from daydreaming while driving home, from a job I had outgrown, on a Friday afternoon. I am enough of a realist to know my singing, capable of shattering glass, was best left confined to sing-a-longs in the car, but enough of a dreamer to entertain a career change. So, caught pondering my passions, I settled upon three loves (and, in no particular order): farming, shopping and helping others.

Where is home?

Home is "Redlands," a beef cattle property, nestled near Jandowae in the Western Downs. A region celebrating diversity and vibrant communities. Lose yourself bushwalking the Bunya Mountains, meander around the garden of the statuesque Jimbour House and enjoy the agricultural scenery. You will spy a mixture of crops - wheat, sorghum, cotton and barley - planted in the fertile black soil of the Jimbour plains and lots of Santa Gertrudis cattle thanks to "Rosevale" established by the Greenup family in 1944.

The question remained, how was I going to combine them to create something special?

Hundreds of thousands of blogs exist and even more online stores, but I wanted to create an online community brimming with inspiration and celebration. Having lived the vast majority of my life in rural Australia, I firmly believe that country living is good for the soul. It challenges, yet rewards. It allows you to see beauty in the least likely of places. It teaches you to value life’s simple pleasures. Listening to the sound of rain on a corrugated iron roof, watching a newborn calf, complete with oversized floppy ears, take its first tentative steps and the earthy smell of leather boot polish are some of my favourites.

On the pages of Wattle & Twine you won’t find celebrity gossip or the latest trends, but you will read the stories of strong and successful women who form the backbone of rural, regional and remote communities. Adversity, ingenuity and resilience are the traits that should be recognised, applauded and celebrated. These women don’t just survive on the land, they thrive on it. Venture beyond the urban sprawl, and Australia is home to an abundance of hidden talent: artists, designers, makers and creators, who produce quality handmade items carefully crafted with care and a whole lot of love. For this reason, ...

Wattle & Twine is dedicated to celebrating country charm and sharing it far and wide.

  • I was raised on a cattle property by two incredibly hard working parents. From sun up to sun down, my four younger brothers and I made our own fun. When the time came to leave the farm, I picked my university based on the number of trees on campus because I knew I’d get homesick. 

  • I married my high-school sweetheart and we have been blessed with three children, Lawson, Hattie and Clarrie. In addition, we have a menagerie of animals to care for. I am equally happy covered in dirt from head to toe or wearing pretty things.

  • I am a self-confessed foodie, cow whisperer and claim to be the funny friend. I eat food too fast and laugh too loud. I love to travel, try new things and collect memories not possessions. I am the best version of me when I am challenged and enjoy giving back to the country community that has given me so much.

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Thanks for joining me on the journey. Amy x