Tambo Teddies' Adventures - Book Set

Tambo Teddies

Set in the heart of the outback, join Basil and Toby with their friends the Stockman family as they embrace big bush adventures exploring different aspects of country living. These colourful short stories are great for bedtime reading and are the perfect little gift. The smaller format book is ideal for little hands and makes reading in the car all the easier. The book set includes one of each title:

The Big Muster with Basil and Toby
Basil and Toby bring in a big mob on a muster when Basil realises that one is missing. The race is on to find the missing bull before nightfall. 

Buck 'em Ted with Bayrick Buckly
It was a family tradition and the excitement that kept Bayrick Buckly returning to the rodeos. He rides the bulls hoping to beat the buzzer time of eight seconds. Will he make it?

The Shearers with Mr Stockman and Toby
It is a big job to shear the sheep on the station. Mr Stockman and Toby work hard all day to get the job done. They could not do it without the help of Blackie the sheep dog and Mrs Stockman. 

Little Aussie Ringers Camping Adventure 
Little Aussie Ringer wants to do something exciting and thought he would camp overnight by himself. But when night falls he hears strange noises all night. 

    About the Maker
    Following the 1992 wool price crash and in the grips of a drought, the community of Tambo were challenged to come up with a new industry to sustain the economy of the little town. Three resourceful women – Mary Sutherland, Charm Ryrie, and Helen Sargood – decided to assist the wool industry, encourage tourists and create employment by making unique teddy bears from wool pelts stuffed with wool. The first Tambo Teddies were ready for sale in February 1993.

    Fast forward to 2014 and the next generation of local women - Kiralee Sanderson, Tammy Johnson and Alison Shaw - decided to take over the reins of the iconic local business. After four years, Kiralee decided to leave Tambo Teddies to enjoy time with her family and Tammy and Alison have driven the growth of Tambo Teddies since 2017. Impressively, the pair have set up a Regional Sewing Hub in Toowoomba employing migrant refugees and the enterprising business currently employs fourteen people. 

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