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Maggie May Gordon

A Little Bush Fairy

A Little Bush Fairy

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“A Little Bush Fairy is the story of how one little fairy came to be more special than any other. Of course she had, like all fairies do: wings, gown, slippers, wand and crown, but this little bush fairy became like no other thanks to a Christmas Spirit and nature’s gifts.
She is special, too, because she can only be found in one place in the world: a land ‘down under.’ And as a little bush fairy she also changed the lives of five bush creatures with their most unusual, but happiest ever, Christmas!"

It’s the most magical little Bush Christmas story, complete with gold foil lettering, that is sure to add some extra sparkle to story time and the lead up to Christmas.


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About the Author

Maggie May Gordon

Maggie May Gordon’s career in writing was born from the grips of the 1984/5 drought which saw Maggie having to graze 800 ewes on the road. With no sensible being insight to (bleat) chat with, Maggie picked up a dusty pen and began writing. Firstly, a poem titled The Cocky’s Wife and then for something more challenging, Maggie decided Australia needed a musical of its very own: that was the commencement of Eureka! The Musical.
But of course, all this creativity created a brain-drain…and one day Maggie dozed off and lost half the mob! Thankfully, a passing neighbour located the stray sheep, the drought was survived and Maggie has gone on to publish children’s books.

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