Tall Multicoloured Ceramic Vase

Angela Edwards Ceramics

Bring some beauty to your home with gorgeous functional ceramics. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your next tablescape, the ceramic frilled edge platter features a statement bold gloss red glaze. Simply add your cheese and crackers and enjoy!

Hand washing is recommended. 


  • Approximately 26cm high x 5cm wide with 4.5cm opening.

About the Maker
Angela can be found hand rolling slabs of clay on her verandah studio on their cattle property near Yetman, NSW. Dividing her time between artistic endeavours, her shared interest of regenerative farming with her husband and a tourism venture on their river, things can get hectic to say the least. 

Mostly self taught, Angela loves all aspects of clay including sculpture, wheelthrown, coiled and slab built ceramics. She enjoys making tableware, vases and bowls with an artistic twist. Knowing her pieces will be around for many years to come gives her a sense of satisfaction with our "throwaway" and mass produced society. 


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