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Kylie McLean is an Australian contemporary artist. Having spent her childhood creating and painting for family and friends, her tertiary career moved her in a different direction and after travelling extensively, marrying and having three children, her desire to create and share her art became her new year’s resolution.

She was inspired by a friend to put pen to paper and hasn’t looked back. With a drawing technique called stippling (applying texture and tone in small dots), she likes the hyper realistic effect this technique allows and particularly enjoys the challenge of drawing animals.

However, despite McLean’s love for black and white, she also enjoys the freedom of acrylic paints with bold and vibrant tones. 

She has secured her first solo exhibition, "Dots and Dashes" at the Surat on Balonne Gallery in 2017.

Kylie looks forward to continuing to refine her technique, to share with others what makes her heart sing, and hopefully pay tribute to the beautiful life she leads with family and friends.

Kylie McLean
Dalby, QLD 4405

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