Fuschia Capel Magnet Set

Funky Fridges

Looking for the perfect organiser for all those pesky papers that make their way into your home? Want a beautiful collection of magnets to display your child's artwork? Why not make storing bills a little more pretty?

These set of five fabric covered magnets make storing papers easy. The combination comes with two large and three small ensuring nothing will blow off the fridge. Practical and pretty!

*** Please note: fabric placement might be different to that photographed due to the handmade nature and repeat of pattern. 

About the Maker
Karen is a hardworking mother of two boys and owner of a property at Monogorilby. To avoid sending her boys to boarding school, Karen bases herself in Chinchilla during the week so they can attend the local high school while Karen works in her day job. Funky Fridges provides stylish, bright and fun magnetic solutions!


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