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Growing up on the family farm at Perenjori, in Western Australia’s central west, Ellie Morris is a girl from the land who loves capturing different aspects of rural life. She hopes to show people the beauty that comes with living on the land and can often be found with her camera chasing golden light.

Receiving her first camera on her 6th birthday, Ellie's interest in photography didn't take off until her early teens. Since then, Ellie has enjoyed combining her two passions - agriculture and photography - and admits to continually learning with technology, as evidenced by her drone photography.

Ellie offers gorgeous prints for sale on her website that capture the essence of farming and bring a special something to your home. 

Ellie Russell
325 Quinn Rd, Perenjori, WA 6620

Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00

Website    |   Facebook   |  Instagram  

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