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Stacey Curcio holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy and a Masters of Human Nutrition. Using these qualifications, Stacey consults, hosts workshops, writes and speaks about a range of topics related to nutritional and natural medicines. She's also the nutrition consultant (aka the foodie chick) for Off the Track Training, a global access organisation focused on fitness, food and motivation. 

Although Stacey's based in Central Queensland, sharing a small permaculture farm with her husband and daughter, she takes appointments Australia wide. Her health philosophy is one which combines traditional wisdom with modern science. 

The vision - to have nourished families, educated consumers, healthy soil, happy animals and valued farmers. Ultimately, Stacey hopes to create a ripple effect by sharing her passion for health, and, of course, leading by example. 

Stacey Curcio
Central Queensland

Wednesday and Friday: Skye and Phone consultations available

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