Carly Le Cerf


Carly lives in the Great Southern region of Western Australia with her husband and twin girls. Since moving to the region ten years ago, Carly has been developing her painting process towards the encaustic works she produces today.

While she enjoys painting her own environment, Carly has of late been producing large, custom works for clients. This new direction has taken her in rewarding directions and Carly takes great pleasure from producing unique commissions for people. Drawing inspiration from the way we sculpt our environment and replicate this in the making process, Carly uses mixed media and encaustic medium (refined beeswax, pigment and dammar resin) to layer, carve and scrape back until the landscape is formed and thoroughly expressed.

Painting in aerial perspective enables Carly to take in the landscape in its entirety and see the impact of human interaction. The changing colours and patterns are an endless source of inspiration. From a great height, the continuous belts of habitat that are gradually forming across agricultural landscapes can be seen.

Carly LeCerf
Mount Barker, WA 6324

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