Bubble-O Bill

Catering by Lucy Alan

"Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need..."
Feed that childhood curiosity with these felt food items. Designed to be used for fun and educational dramatic play, the iconic Australian Bubble-O Bill enhances fine motor and language development while providing endless play opportunities as children can set up a cafe, cook in the kitchen or even sell at their shop. Pair with our felt Iced Vovos, fairy bread, lamingtons and fruit for a wonderfully delicious smoko with your teddies.

    Each ice cream is approximately 16cm x 9cm in size.

    ***Please note: As with all children's items, adult supervision is recommended. They are also handmade with love so not all details will be exactly the same for each piece. 

    About the Maker
    A primary school educator, based in Townsville, who has always had a passion for harnessing the creative energy of children, Kim found her creativity for learning reached an all time high when on maternity leave with her daughter. Recognising the importance of role play, Kim has set out to create items that are multi-faceted learning tools tried and tested by the toughest critic in the biz, her little Lucy. 

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