Baby Bauhinia by Jayde Chandler

Wattle & Twine

Original artwork by Jayde Chandler

Acrylic on canvas

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

17cm x 17cm

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Artist Bio
Based in Central Western Queensland near the small town of Barcaldine, Jayde lives with her husband and four children on a sheep and cattle property. For Jayde, the urge to create has been incredibly strong since she was a child and she has taken her deep love and connection to the sometimes harsh but incredibly beautiful land and combined it with her passion for bold and joyous colour.  The result is multilayered, textural works.  

Using a mixture of acrylic, impasto and oil stick on canvas or linen, Jayde focuses on the perfection of imperfections and loves to highlight every lump and bump through the use of a combination of palette knives and brushes and at times, even my fingers.  "With each piece I aim to draw the viewer in allowing them to find something new that they may not had noticed before."


Type: Art


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