Abounds by Alysha Sparks

Wattle & Twine

Original artwork by Alysha Sparks

Acrylic on canvas 

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

94cm x 94cm

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Artist Bio
Alysha is a child of South Australia’s big-sky country, moulded by adventures around the globe. She has wandered far and came home to roost in her own little piece of this wide, wide world.

For Alysha, art is instinctive. It runs through her veins and into her very being. She lives for the colours, textures, movement I see around me – fleeting moments captured forever by paint, brush and canvas.

You might find Alysha in her sunny little studio in Jamestown, in SA’s mid-north. Painting, creating, experimenting, failing, starting again, putting her soul on the canvas with every brushstroke, every frustration, every moment of joy.

You might find her outside, sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea, pottering in the garden. Chasing after her two busy, beautiful, boisterous boys, laying with them on the lawn and counting stars. Whispering to them that they can do whatever they dream of. Cherishing this life which lets her do what she loves and spend more time with them while they are little.

You might find her on the road, armed with her camera – heading to Alysha's family’s farm to capture life on the land as she knows it, as she lives it. Telling other stories of this wide, brown land with photos; always seeking, always finding inspiration.

"I am simply doing what I love, simply."


Type: Art

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